Benjamin Juul Abildgaard

Liste Innovation, Trivsel og Moderne ledelse
Alder / Age 30
Arbejdssted / Workplace Dansk Ingeniørservice A/S
Uddannelse / Education Civilingeniør
Retning / Field Teknologibaseret forretningsudvikling, civilingeniør 2år
Who am I?
I am energetic, fast and skilled in adapting new knowledge and to position myself in new complex problems and project environments. By nature extrovert and emphatic, which is shown by my communicative skills.

I work with an honest, openminded, structured and goal-oriented approach in compliance with targets.

My approach to new things can be summed in the quote by the fictional character Pippi Longstocking:
"If I haven't tried it, I must be good at it".
Why am I a candidate?
I work with Innovation, Well-being and Modern Management on an every day basis, as a project management consultant in various companies. I therefore believe that I can contribute to this IDA list.

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