Sertan Østergaard Saltan Christoffersen

List Innovation, Trivsel og Moderne ledelse
Alder / Age 39
Arbejdssted / Workplace GN Audio A/S
Uddannelse / Education MSci
Retning / Field Civil Engineering
Who am I?
Who am I? 
 I am your regular colleague whom you may see at work at the coffee machine and wonder "what the story is with this guy".
 My spoken Danish is not very good, but I can understand what I read and listen to. I speak mostly English. I am part of the ex-pat community who work with native Danish colleagues shoulder to shoulder, share similar responsibilities and live in your neighborhoods, pay tax and contribute to society. However, I believe the majority of the ex-pat community in Danish corporations are underrepresented. 
 I am an outspoken advocate of equality, wellbeing, and leading through example. 
This is how I define myself, not with my education or how many years I have been in the job. I have worked long enough to witness good, bad, and ugly and I think it should be everyone's mission to cherish good, improve bad, and fight ugly at workplaces.  

Why am I a candidate?
I am a candidate because
I belong to one of the underrepresented groups in many companies I worked with in Denmark and this has to change. 
I care for the employees of all levels but especially for those who spend long hours working in bad conditions, not supported with the right tools, dominated by their so-called leaders, those who can't advocate innovation in the workplace in fear of going against the mainstream. I care for those people who pull long hours with stress because they are asked to complete tasks in unreasonable time frames. 
I am a candidate because flying an LGBT flag shouldn't be a big deal in fear of customers' reactions. We also shouldn't be afraid of change, diversity, and innovation. 
Why should you vote for me?
Vote for me, if
-You advocate for diversity, equality, fair access to opportunities at the workplace
-You think foreign graduates and talents should see themselves actively supported and informed about Danish work culture
- You want to improve ex-pat's and minor groups involvement in shaping tomorrow's work culture
- You think that innovation, well-being, and good leadership are not going to come to your workplace by being discussed behind closed doors, by high-level executives who are happy with how things are. 
We need to join forces under IDA's umbrella and make sure our voices are heard, and we can make an impact by taking the right actions as a union!